1-Click TimeTracker: Lightweight Time Tracking App

There are many time tracking software available on the market, but they are all a bit heavy weight and require too much user attention. I designed & developed a very lightweight time tracking app as a Chrome extension. Just as the name indicates, 1-Click TimeTracker advocates minimalist design: time tracking requires only one click.

This extension is being tested by me and other alpha users. It'll be available on Chrome Web Store soon.

The Problem

Due to the nature of my work, I need to track my time use. I've tried various time-tracking software, but the majority of them require me constantly thinking about time tracking as a task, which quickly becomes a mental burden for me. For example, one software requires me to click on a button to start tracking and click again to end tracking. This rigid requirement does not accommodate the multitasking nature of design work as well as all sorts of unexpected situations (e.g. being pulled into a high priority meeting, longer-than-expected coffee time because you run into an old friend, etc.). I need a better time-tracking software that does not compete with me.


My goal is to design an ambient time tracker that serves me whenever I need it but quickly disappear when I don't want it. One-Click TimeTracker design is minimalist, yet useful enough as a functional time tracker:

  • 1-click adding time
  • Active tile style project view
  • Colored tile for project organization
  • Drag-n-drop project arrangement
  • History log (work in progress)
  • Weekly report (work in progress)
  • Responsive design for different screen sizes
  • Data syncs between different computer, with Chrome cloud sync enabled

Development Detail

1-Click TimeTracker is a Chrome extension built on HTML, CSS and Javascript, utilizing Chrome extension APIs for quick browser access and cloud data storage.