SocialCusp: All-in-One Social Solution for Small Business

During my internship I worked as a User Experience Designer. I designed and implemented SocialCusp, an integrated web platform for small businesses, and its affiliated services that are to be launched soon.

Due to NDA, I can't provide detailed information about this project.

Project Overview

Pitney Bowes is shifting its focus from traditional mailing solution provider to digital services as it foresees the prosperity of telecommunications. Currently lots of novel services are under active research and development; SocialCusp and its affiliated services is one of the initiatives that the company is trying to bring.

I was actively involved in the research and design process of SocialCusp. I conducted business interviews and usability evaluations, designed web interfaces and implemented my design using front-end development techniques.

Design User Experience

Wireframe Iteractions
Prototype and Demo System

One of the prominent characteristics of this project is its rapid iterations.

During early stages of the product design process, I took part in contextual inquiries and business meetings to look into user's real need in terms of user experience. Meanwhile I created wireframes and made quick modifications to support the ever-changing research process and context.

As we moved to the later part of concept development, I prototyped different versions of the system and often made rapid modifications, sometimes several versions a day, based on peer critiques and results from on-going user research.

In the end of my summer internship, I implemented my design using front-end technologies and worked with developers together to build the functional demo release version of SocialCusp.


Wireframes for Affiliated Services
Additional Prototypes

The team offered me the chance to continue work part-time after I finished my internship. I was mainly responsible for the wireframing and prototyping of web-based and mobile applications derived from the main SocialCusp platform.