Homeshine Boutique Online Bedding Products Store

I founded Homeshine Boutique, an online bedding store based on the platform of Taobao (China’s B2C portal). I operated the store and I was also the web designer that designed logo, banner, homepage, product page and other accessories such as member card and advertisement.

Because I didn't have enough time allocated for the store, it was sold back to the company that manufactures those products before I started my graduate study at University of Michigan.

The current store is here. You might be able to see my design at some pages for old products.


Homeshine Boutique is an online store selling homeshine brand bedding products. It is based on, the biggest online market in China. The logo, banner, advertisement and template for item descriptions were designed by me. I also designed other accessories such as member card and after-service card and made them visually unified.

Research & Design

I created a trial page first and then interviewed some online buyers to know their needs. Based on it, I refined the template in which I applied warm colors and moderate visual effects to create a relaxing and home-resembling atmosphere, substituted the life language for plain introductions to improve the readability and searchability, and displayed clear-cut layout and obvious links to highlight the essential information and related products.

The following pictures are some examples of my design.

Web Design

Homepage, Banner and Logo (2 Pics)
Item Description
Item Description Page

Cards and Advertisements (5 Samples)

Warranty Card and Member Card (3 Pics)
Internet Advertisements (2 Pics)