I'm a user experience designer. I design simple & elegant solutions from concept to fine artifact, research on users for critiques and inspirations, and code to implement my design ideas.
One-Click Timetracker Overview

1-Click TimeTracker

A Minimalist Approach to Time Tracking

Many time tracking apps require too much user attention. 1-Click TimeTracker takes a minimalist approach and requires only one click.

One-Click Timetracker Overview

Amazon Music Store

The Interactive Discovery Experience

The refreshed experience for Amazon.com physical music store, utilizing the powerful Amazon recommendation system.

CPEX Portal

Workflow Management for Productivity

CPEX Portal is a tool that manages Amazon's Frustration-Free Packaging certifications.


Location-Based Mobile Sharing Web App

Get together, shake your phone, and share with your party! This cross-platform web app that makes group sharing simple and fun.

ChiltonPro Overview

ChiltonPRO Tablet

iPad Solution for Auto Repair Shops

ChiltonPRO iPad is an auto reference library and customer management system providing the complete solution for auto repair shops.

Who's That?

Ubiquitous System Enhancing Social Life

This is a pervasive computing environment using Bluetooth, QR Code & public displays that facilitates serendipitous social interactions in a residential community.

Sleep Monitor Overview


Interactive Global Movie Data Explorer

A novel data visualization for the high-level exploratory analysis on movie data across the globe.